We help associates move to a broad range of established UK, US and international law firms as well as select US start-ups, West End and niche firms.

Our advisory approach

Our straightforward and collaborative advisory approach distinguishes us from most other firms.

We take time to understand your aspirations and motivations, and we will work with you to find a suitable opportunity in a timely, thorough and transparent process. We offer a discreet, highly personalised service and will do nothing without your prior consent.

What you can expect from us

We will answer any questions you have about the recruitment process and provide you with a clear and complete understanding of the marketplace including detailed information on the types of matters you can expect to work on, as well as the organisational culture, departmental/team composition and mid to long-term prospects at each firm.

If you decide to pursue a lateral move we will only ever act as instructed in a partnership role with you. We will also manage the entire interview process on your behalf and support you at every stage, including:

▸ helping you prepare for interviews and tailor your approach to each prospective new firm;
▸ negotiating your offer; and
▸ providing you with the best practice advice and continuous support required to make a successful transition to a new firm.

Contact us

For a confidential discussion about the opportunities available to you in the current market, please get in touch.